Donnerstag, 09.02.2017

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Matthias Frank and Stefan Zander Pushing the CIDOC-Conceptual Reference Model towards LOD by Open Annotations
Timo Greifenberg, Klaus Müller, Alexander Roth, Bernhard Rumpe, Christoph Schulze and Andreas Wortmann Modeling Variability in Template-based Code Generators for Product Line Engineering
Sebastian Fiss, Max E. Kramer and Michael Langhammer Automatically Binding Variables of Invariants to Violating Elements in an OCL-Aligned XBase-Language
Martin Gogolla and Frank Hilken Model Validation and Verification Options in a Contemporary UML and OCL Analysis Tool
Arne Karhof, Sven Jannaber, Dennis M. Riehle, Oliver Thomas, Patrick Delfmann and Jörg Becker On the de-facto Standard of Event-driven Process Chains: Reviewing EPC Implementations in Process Modelling Tools
Carsten Kolassa, Markus Look, Klaus Müller, Alexander Roth, Dirk Reiß and Bernhard Rumpe TUnit – Unit Testing For Template-based Code Generators
Nebras Nassar, Thorsten Arendt and Gabriele Taentzer Deriving Model Metrics from Meta Models
Dimitri Plotnikov, Inga Blundell, Tammo Ippen, Jochen Martin Eppler, Abigail Morrison and Bernhard Rumpe NESTML: a modeling language for spiking neurons
Dennis M. Riehle, Sven Jannaber, Arne Karhof, Oliver Thomas, Patrick Delfmann and Jörg Becker On the de-facto Standard of Event-driven Process Chains: How EPC is defined in Literature
Christoph Seidl, Tim Winkelmann and Ina Schaefer A Software Product Line of Feature Modeling Notations and Cross-Tree Constraint Languages
Anna Vasileva and Doris Schmedding Vom Clean Model zum Clean Code


Stefan Berner BPM considered harmful
Vincent Bertram, Peter Manhart, Dimitri Plotnikov, Bernhard Rumpe, Christoph Schulze and Michael von Wenckstern Infrastructure to Use OCL for Runtime Structural Compatibility Checks of Simulink Models
Stefan Gabriel and Christian Janiesch Konzeptionelle Modellierung ausführbarer Event Processing Networks für das Event-driven Business Process Management
Frank Hilken, Philipp Niemann, Martin Gogolla and Robert Wille Towards a Catalog of Structural and Behavioral Verification Tasks for UML/OCL Models
Georg Hinkel and Thomas Goldschmidt Tool Support for Model Transformations: On Solutions using Internal Languages
Pedram Mir Seyed Nazari, Alexander Roth and Bernhard Rumpe An Extended Symbol Table Infrastructure to Manage the Composition of Output-Specific Generator Information